Are you struggling to choose a right STEEL CABINET for office? Several tips for you!

Pangcun Village in Luoyang city Henan province is the largest steel furniture production base in China. Furnitopper, step by step, has worked deeply in this fertile land to get to where it is today.... As a professional office and home space solution provider, our steel products cover a lot, including steel file cabinets, steel lockers, dormitory beds, student desks and chairsindustrial safety cabinets, stainless steel cabinets and lockers, steel shelves, and many other related products, our company's vision is to contribute the best steel furniture products to the world.

Many customers picking steel filing cabinets for their offices will struggle back and forth between the price and the usefulness of the product. A few customers will ignore the quality of the product and the practicality of the furniture because they are more concerned about the price. This is the minority of customers who enter entered the wrong zone. Let me tell you how to choose a more suitable steel file storage cabinet for your office.



First of all, to choose the right file cabinets for office, you must consider the size of the office space and the number of the staff, and then the dimension, metal thickness, color, lock type, handle etc. of the cabinets to be purchased. Here below are some questions you might need to ask yourself before purchase:


How many steel filing cabinets or tableside mobile filing cabinets are needed?

Do you need drawers for steel filing cabinets?

How about the effect of planter placement on top of the filing cabinets?


There will be a lot of such questions. Office furniture selection and placement layout is a tedious project. You can do a preliminary plan to take these basic factors into account. The most important thing is to give priority to the size of the office space, and do not worry about the price, because practicality should be put into the first place.


Metal Thickness
Color Option
Lock Type
Handle Choice


Second, observe the structure of the steel cabinet, check the doors and drawers to ensure that too many gaps cannot be left. Because the cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel plate, the surface should be bright and flat, horizontal and vertical, especially the cabinet door can’t have a dent or uneven finish, if there are burrs or small dents, it will affect the feeling in use.



Third, determine the thickness of the steel plate in line with the use of standards. The thickness of the steel plate is generally 0.4-1 mm, the general steel file cabinet, locker thickness can reach 0.5-0.8 mm. The hardness and impact resistance of the plates should comply with GB1720, GB1730 and GB1732 standards. Only the plates that meet certain requirements are the basis for the stability and durability of the steel storage closet.



Fourth, if the steel file storage cabinet has a pulley or foot device, observe whether the lower pulley lubrication and the foot device is balanced and stable.



Fifth, the powder coating on the surface of the steel locker is environmentally friendly and pollution-free epoxy polyester powder. This powder has strong adhesion and will not fade when sprayed on the cabinet. It has anti-static function. The surface of the steel locker should be evenly sprayed and smooth. When choosing a cabinet, make sure that the product has no peculiar smell and the color of the cabinet is uniform.


Castors on Bottom
Drawer Rails
Keylock for Pedestals
Epoxy Polyester Powder

The above points are the details that need to be paid attention to when choosing a steel file cabinet, and the others will not be repeated one by one. The most important thing is to choose a good brand. Made in China has become synonymous with quality, and Chinese steel furniture products have gone to offices, schools, hospitals, and families all over the world. Furnitopper will also work harder, always adhere to the business philosophy of "winning trust with sincerity and quality, being pragmatic and innovative, and pursuing excellence", and dedicating better furniture products to customers.

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