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Luoyang Furnitopper Corporation mainly focus on steel furniture supply. Our factory is situated in the renowned Huadu (say flower city) Luoyang where the biggest steel furniture production base in China is located. FurniTopper is one of the leading steel furniture manufacturers in China. We are specialized in a wide range of steel furniture including KD structure steel filing cabinets and storage lockersmobile pedestals and caddiesstainless steel seriesstudent desks and chairsdormitory bedsmetal storage shelves and some other related steel furniture. We have 5 workshops for different line of products. Each with its main focus. That's why we can keep our professionality on different type of our products. 

Steel filing cabinets are the most popular among modern filing cabinets. Steel filing cabinets are environmentally friendly and easy to haul over long distances. Mainly for long-saved files. The key to maintenance is to maintain cleanliness to avoid scratches with sharps. For stubborn stains, you can use detergent to wipe the surface. When placing the steel filing cabinet, please avoid direct sunlight in order to prevent the oxidation of the surface plastic powder, and avoid overloading to prevent the structure of the steel filing cabinet from being damaged. 
The steel locker is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is phosphating and anti-rust treatment by electrostatic spraying powder. Since plastic powder is more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, it is generally necessary to place it in a place where the ultraviolet rays are not easily exposed and the ventilation is good. When wiping the locker, use a soft towel that is not easy to lint, and avoid using hot water, alkaline water, disinfectant, etc. to rinse the locker, so that the wardrobe can be used for a longer time.

A safety cabinet is a storage cabinet that can safely store hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire, protect workers, equipment, and provide safe storage, sub-packaging, and classified management of your hazardous chemicals. The compact chemical storage cabinet can be placed in your workplace to store flammables and organic solvents, saving you the trouble of going to and from the dangerous goods storage room and improving work efficiency. Even in a place with a small working space, a small safety cabinet can provide you with safe storage of flammable liquids and chemicals, which can reduce raw material waste and save company costs.


Yellow chemical cabinets represent professional storage of flammable liquid chemicals internationally. Such as: alcohol, glue, gasoline, kerosene, crude oil, ethanol, benzene, Tianna water, machine water, etc. Red chemical cabinets represent professional storage of flammable liquid chemicals internationally. Such as: hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, propane, ethylene, aerosols, inks and coatings, etc. The blue chemical cabinet represents the professional storage of corrosive liquid chemicals internationally. Such as: sodium hydroxide, bleach, washing water, formaldehyde, any type, corrosive acid-based chemicals such as alkyl, etc.

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What is a mobile compactor? Compactor is a kind of intensive equipment for centralized management of items. The biggest difference between it and the file cabinet is that it has great advantages in space resource utilization and storage convenience, and these aspects are also its important features. Not only that, the compact rack is also embedded with an intelligent management system and upgraded to an intelligent compact rack. The smart shelf can not only control the shelves and store documents through computer program settings, but also sort and manage the stored items to avoid item confusion and prolonged search time.

Mobile compactors, also called as full space or mobile shelving, are mainly used for new storage devices for storing books, files, financial documents and items, such as courts, procuratorates, banks, shopping malls, schools, corporate data rooms and sample rooms. It has the advantages of good confidentiality, strong sealing, high space utilization, and convenient access. Compared with traditional filing cabinets, dense shelves are more suitable for efficient office environments in modern cities.

According to the different production materials, the compacter frame can be divided into cold-rolled steel plate and stainless steel. At present, most compact racks are made of cold-rolled steel plates, which can make compact racks have good bearing capacity. In addition, in the production process of the product, the electrostatic spraying method is adopted for the Huadu dense rack, which not only reduces the physical injury to the workers, but also makes the surface of the steel plate smooth and the paint film has stronger adhesion.

Common materials for student desks and chairs:

The main materials of the frame are all made of high-quality steel pipes, the wall thickness is more than 1.2mm, and the wall thickness of the main support frame steel pipe is more than 1.5mm. The steel pipe is made of high-frequency welded steel pipe, with good mechanical properties and smooth surface. The class bucket adopts one-time forming stamping bucket, which is smooth and seamless, and has good safety performance.

The desktop board is made of 18mm fireproof board veneer, post-formed board, and the fireproof board has the properties of wear resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, smoke resistance, impact resistance, etc., and the colors are bright and fancy.

The back of the chair and the surface of the seat board are made of multi-layer veneer curved board bottom plate, and the surface is pasted with fireproof board, which is formed by hot pressing. Its characteristics are good bonding performance, high strength, durable, smooth surface, realistic texture, beautiful color, thickness 12^14mm. In addition, a one-time molding of PVC, hollow plastic and other seat surfaces can be used.

The surface of the steel pipe is electrostatically sprayed with plastic, which is characterized by strong adhesion, good luster, hard plastic powder, wear resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, light resistance, gloss retention and color retention. The surface of the spray layer is fine and smooth. Colorful.


Locker and cabinet is basically used in office environment. The traditional ones are made of wood and all kinds of logs are processed. In fact, stainless steel lockers are commonly used in production workshops and designated medical institutions today.

Stainless steel lockers are mainly made of stainless steel plates. This kind of material is very layered and looks good in the corresponding place, not only because of its unique appearance, but also because of its obvious advantages. .

Advantages: First of all, the locker made of stainless steel is cost-effective and has good airtightness. After the clothes are put in, it is not easy to return to moisture, and it is not easy to grow mold. It can be stored for a long time. Secondly, the stainless steel material is not easy to fade, and the gloss is still maintained after long-term application. Third, the surface of the stainless steel locker is very easy to solve, and it does not need to spend time cleaning it on weekdays. Even if there are oil stains, colored substances, etc., it can be used wet The rag wipes off easily, effortlessly. Fourth, the locker of this material is also very convenient to maintain, even if there are some mild scratches on the surface, it will not harm its quality. Naturally, stainless steel lockers also have their own defects, because they are made of metal, giving people a cold feeling. Its surface should be prevented from being scratched by sharp objects, otherwise it will affect the overall appearance of the locker.

This is a detailed introduction to the advantages of stainless steel lockers. In general, it has special application occasions, and can naturally be used in other venues. Different people have different preferences and different choices. Our company focuses on the production and manufacture of stainless steel products, lockers, file cabinets, western medicine cabinets, dining tables and chairs and other stainless steel products, and is committed to the research and development and production of metal products of various materials and specifications

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